The Knockout Game

By the way, I think anyone who wishes to put "The Knockout Game" in perspective could do a whole lot worse than check-out this excellent post by Chauncey DeVega over at his blog, We Are Respectable Negros.


  1. Mr. DeVega has an interesting point of view I'm not sure I can totally agree with. My closest friend for over 40 years is half black and half white and his perspective on race relations has always been as non-bigoted and liberal as anyone I've ever known. I suppose it's because he can see all sides of the race problem and I have always been color blind when it comes to the various shades of skin...the reason we remain close friends Criminals and idiots, including those in the media, come in all colors.

    1. I don't always agree with Chauncey, either (as I'm sure he doesn't always agree with me), but I find his perspective invaluable to me in the way he gets me thinking about things, and I often find myself learning quite a bit from him.

      I applaud the diversity of your friendships, Anna Maria. If we are ever to really beat such things as racism, it will be because we have beat it on the level of individual friendships, on the level where the rubber meets the road.


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